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The Lightdome -
interior Lining for any roof window

The Lightdome is an interior lining product which gives an elegant trim to any roof window.

The Lightdome is an interior window lining that gives an elegant trim to any window. The Lightdome can be ordered in any size and shape to fit a vast variety of windows, as well as various depths of walls and roofs. The use of waterproof materials such as PVC and Kydex makes the Lightdome is an optimal interior lining for windows in humid area such as bathrooms.

Water resistant

Tailormade production

Maintenance free

Fast & easy install

The Lightdome comes with different additional options such as LED lights that will provide light when the sun can’t. The LEDs give add an interesting ambience to any room and is a cost effective lightsource due to its low energy consumption. In this sense the Lightdome can be used as a decoration feature for both ceilings and walls.

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For windows in
walls as ceilings

let there be light!