Facade systems

Isofit - The versatile facade structure

Isofit is a facade structure designed to hold the components of an exterior wall in place. When mounted on a bearing wall it holds the moist barrier, insulation, sheating and facade in place.

Fast & easy to install

Fire resistant

No thermal bridges

Recyclable materials

Isofit is a facade structure developed to make the builders life easy. The unique structure from PVC is strong, yet easy and fast to install, to reduce expensive on-site labour hours. 

In contrast to traditional materials, PVC grants many advantages such as good fire resistance and high U-value to reduce cold bridges.

The system has minimum life time of 60 years and compared to wood and metals, it does not mold or rust.

An innovative feature of the structure is the ability to adjust the facade depth. This allows  for flawless facades to be built upon the most uneven of surfaces. 

Replacing traditional facade components with one holistic solution.

The Isofit insulation and facade structure can be installed both vertically and horizontally to fit any building and allow any facade to mounted upon it. In other words it grants vast architectural freedom. 

The system accommodates most insulation materials as well as it achieves a U-value required in colder climates. 

Available in different widths depending on insulation needs and architectural wishes. 

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